QWL: A lever for performance


Quality of Work Life (QWL) has become one of your best allies to boost the performance of your co-workers. It is a lever of competitiveness. According to the European Agency for Safety and Health at work:

1€ invested in QWL can yield up to 13€ in profit.


To meet the new competitivity challenges facing companies Teamii has developed two interactive and innovative approaches to analyse, drive and sustain the performance and well-being of your employees. In this article we will look at the second solution developed by Teamii: The Teamii platform. If you want to know more about our first approach it’s here: The Hapii method


The Teamii platform:


The Teamii platform is a dynamic and structured approach that transforms the employee experience in your company. Through a weekly well-being follow up and tools encouraging individual and collective engagement, you will be able to boost the performance of your teams.



The tools implemented by Teamii:


Weekly QWL follow-up: Every week your co-workers answer anonymous and fun surveys of 5 questions. We assess their perception in real time through the 7 QWL dimensions established by Teamii. Your employees can compare their results to those of the company and see where they stand. As for the managers, they can analyse the evolution of their teams’ QWL. Lastly, the HR department has access to the global results of the company.

The Teamii +: Our interactive dashboards give you the keys to optimise your co-workers’ experience and to assist your teams in improvinge their performance.


Hobbies platform: Your employees can create and organise group activities with their workmates. Sharing their passions (running, cooking, yoga…)  and meeting new people has never been this simple.

The Teamii +: The Hobbies platform helps to boost social cohesion and to fight against isolation in the company.


Suggestion box: Teamii has developed 2 types of suggestion boxes to transform your employees into proposition forces to contribute to your company’s growth.

  • QWL Idea Box: Every quarter your colleagues can to share their QWL ideas. They are voted on and the one obtaining the most number of votes is implemented.
  • Innovative Projects: Your co-workers also have the opportunity to share their ideas for innovative projects for the company. Senior management can select the best ones to assess their feasibility of implementation.

The Teamii +: Give your employees meaning to their work by involving them in the life and development of the company.


Ethics hotline: The ethics alert line set up by Teamii allows employees to anonymously and/or confidentially report unethical behavior (corruption, moral or physical harassment) in the company through 3 different levels of seriousness.

The Teamii +: Complete anonymity and confidentiality enables your colleagues to share their concerns without fear of backlash.


Event Agenda: The agenda enables you to share your company and teams’ events with your workmates. Thanks to a grouping system, you will be able to see employees’ participation. You will also be able to plan your colleagues’ timetable to set up remote work.

The Teamii +: Improve information flow in your company. Information is no longer lost along the way and is directly accessible to all in one unique place.


Teamii’s solutions have been created to engage your employees over the long term by improving the circulation and sharing of information, boosting social cohesion and listening to the perception of your teams to propel their performance and well-being.

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