The Hapii method

Quality of Work Life (QWL) has become a major topic for companies. The way we work is evolving and becoming more agile and flexible. Working conditions, organisational structures and management methods have all become central themes in our daily business life.

Without QWL, there can be no business transformation and no sustainable performance or competitiveness.

To meet the new challenges of the evolution of companies and work, Teamii has created two fun and innovative solutions to measure and perpetuate QWL. In this article we will focus on the first solution developed by Teamii:

The Hapii method.

This solution was born from the vision of an agile and proactive workplace that evolves in line with the quality of work life needs of its employees. It is comprised of both an Audit and Consulting phase. The Audit is automated and comprehensive, supervised by human expertise, to carry out a complete analysis of the quality of work life in a company.

1. Data collection

The first step is to collect QWL data. In order to do this, we collect data both from the employees and the human resources department whom, respectively, respond to a qualitative and quantitative survey.


2. Data analysis

In a second stage, we carry out a complete Audit of the company’s opportunities and constraints, in terms of quality of work life, using the quantitative and qualitative data collected. The analysis framework includes 7 strategic dimensions of QWL:


  • The DNA of the company
  • The environment and working conditions
  • The organisation and content of the work
  • Health and absenteeism
  • Relation at work
  • Management
  • Work life balance


3. Personnalised solutions

Finally, Teamii supports your  decision making processes, regarding QWL policies and initiatives, by providing consulting services. How? Our experts provide recommendations of solutions to implement adapted to your needs and challenges, in order to transform the quality of work life of all your employees. We prioritise the actions to be implemented by level of importance and relevance to your specificities. We support you throughout the implementation of your projects to ensure the sustainability of the approach.


4. Boost your team

The Hapii method is a complete QWL approach to carry out a detailed diagnosis of your quality of work life in order to offer personalised action plans adapted to your company’s DNA and challenges. This tailored approach helps your teams to improve their performance and well being over the long run.


The Hapii method is your walking stick during your first quality of work life steps. Through a complete audit of our 7 strategic QWL dimensions you will have a clear mapping of your strengths and weaknesses. Transform your employees’ experience!

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