The Teamii platform

Surf through the Teamii platform, our dedicated QWL app!

Our tools in details

Discover the multiple functionalities that we have developed to accompany you daily.


1. Weekly QWL follow-up

Measure your co-workers’ commitment and wellbeing in real time through our weekly mini surveys. Our interactive dashboards provide you the keys to optimise your colleagues’ experience and assist them in improving their performance.

2. Hobbies platform

Share your hobbies with your fellow workmates and boost your company’s team building. Organise activities group (running, exhibition visits …). Subscribe to the latest workshops planned by your company such as yoga or cooking classes.

3. Suggestion box

Turn your co-workers into a creative force and an engine for growth. This tool will enable them to express and share their ideas regarding QWL and related initiatives within the company. Top management and Human Resources will have the possibility to study each of these projects and select the best ones to implement.

4. Ethics hotline

Protect your employees by providing them with access to a confidential alert line, without fear of backlash. Our ethical line enables employees to signal unethical behaviours (corruption, moral or physical harassment) within the company. Access different warning levels from reporting to urgent situation in accordance with the UK bribery Act.

5. Events agenda

Share company’s events with all your employees. Thanks to a grouping system, you will be able to analyse attendance. Information is easily accessible and directly entered into your teams’ agenda.

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