Teamii just launched its QWL barometer!

The Franco-British startup Teamii is launching its solution packages to improve your Quality of Work Life (QWL) within your business. Engage and propel your employees’ performances through detailed analysis and continuous measurement of your teams’ wellbeing and productivity.

Teamii’s solutions:


The Hapii Method:

Teamii has developed an auditing software, supervised by human expertise, to perform a complete diagnostic of your business’ QWL. Our analysis framework includes 7 strategic dimensions of quality of work life designed by our scientific experts. We analyse qualitatively and quantitatively your opportunities and constraints through questionnaires and surveys addressed, respectively, to your HR department and employees. All this with the aim of providing you with solutions tailored to your needs and challenges.


The Teamii Digital Platform:

In order to integrate a sustainable and continuous quality of work life into your company, our teams have designed a platform comprised of key tools to improve individual and collective performances of your employees. Discover real time tracking of your co-workers’ wellbeing and perception of their QWL, boost team cohesion and propel your workmates’ commitment with the help of our various functionalities.

Teamii’s solutions allow you to listen to your employees to ensure a great quality of life at work. Boost your teams’ individual and collective performance through innovative and fun tools. We envision technological solutions at the service of the improvement of quality of work life. Our vision rests on the principle of universality, of solutions accessible to all types of businesses and employees. We model with you agile and proactive company that cares of its employees.


Teamii’s solutions are tailored to your specificities:

We offer you 3 different packages to customize your QWL approach and best respond to your quality of working life topics at work.


The Sky pack: You are looking to be guided in the implementation of a QWL policy within your company while benefiting from customised solutions to boost the performance and well-being of your employees.

The Moon pack: You wish to perpetuate the QWL in your company while giving your employees the benefit of several tools to boost their performance and well-being.

The Mars pack: Quality of working life is your priority. You wish to have access to a tailored service to propel your employees’ performances and well-being.


At teamii, we are convinced that human being represent a tremendous added value to companies. We must take care of them to ensure their wellbeing. Quality of Working life is the best solution to provide the tools needed by your employees over the long run.


Join Teamii to implement a QWL policy in your company as of now!

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