Special offer: remote work and back-to-office

We have created special offers answering most of the challenges you are facing during this time of lockdown. From tracking how your colleagues are coping with remote work, to maintaining team spirit; make sure you keep focusing on improving their quality of work life.

The Teamii offers


Enjoy our Teamii platform, without engagement, to devise a quality of work life policy.

  • Your colleagues answer weekly QWL surveys.
  • We identified 6 strategic QWL dimensions particularly relevant during this special period.
  • Those 6 dimensions are broken down into 25 indicators to really delve into the specifics.


Give your teams a say and learn about their perception and their needs during and for after the lockdown.

  • Take the pulse of your teams with our follow-up tool.
  • The results are in real time to give you an accurate assessment.
  • Our diagnostics enable you to compare your teams results to the overall company.


Use the lockdown to your advantage to improve the Quality of work life of your co-workers.

  • Accompany your teams daily
  • Develop new projects and give sense to your teams’ work.
  • Strengthen the ties that unify your employees.

Teamii wishes to accompany and assist you in tackling the new challenges brought by covid 19. We are making our solutions available so that you can assess the impact of lockdown on your workmates and prepare their return to normal.

Covid 19 and your business


The lockdown is a challenge for companies and employees.

This period of confinement that we are facing is a first for British companies. It is a new challenge to take on.


Not everyone lives it the same way.

Confinement is lived through differently by your colleagues. Family and personal situations greatly influence your experience.


It is an opportunity to develop your QWL.

Take a proactive approach to enable your co-workers to be productive and blooming during this lockdown and especially after, as soon as we return to our offices.

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