QWL: a strategic challenge

Quality of Work Life (QWL) represents much more than just employees’ happiness. It is a global and strategic approach. Quality of work life policies and solutions certainly contribute to meeting companies’ objectives of increasing productivity, efficiency and durably improving employee satisfaction. QWL’ s main goal is to advance and expand the working environment to increase your co-workers’ well-being and performances.

Quality of Work Life is not only a process but also a strategic topic for businesses. Indeed, many benefits result from implementing a QWL program and strategic guidelines.

QWL in numbers

1€ invested in QWL can yield up to a 13€ profit.(European Agency for Health and Safety)


The cost of unhappiness at work represents a total amount of 12,600 €, per employee, per year, on average. (Mozart Consulting, 2019)


86% of companies have seen productivity gains after having implemented tools to promote quality of work life. (SME’s challenges and quality of life at work – Sodexo)


“Committed employees are 2 times less likely to be sick, 6 times less absent, 9 times more loyal, 31% more productive, and 55% more creative”. (Harvard/MIT study).



Why investing in QWL pays off?

Employees invest an enormous amount of their time and energy in their companies.

However, in recent years, we have started to discover more negative sides and consequences of employee over-investment at work. Stress, psychosocial risks, absenteeism and turnover have been on the rise. They have a negative impact on employees’ productivity and therefore, on companies’ performances.

QWL is defined by the American Society of Training and Development as:

“a process of work organisations which enable its members at all levels to actively; participate in shaping the organizations environment, methods and outcomes. This value based process is aimed towards meeting the twin goals of enhanced effectiveness of organisations and improved quality of life at work for employees. ”

Its main mission is therefore to create an environment that is conducive to work while promoting employees’ development.

Investing in your employees’ quality of work life strongly motivates your teams, whom witness your dedication to improving their working life, and reduce costs related to turnover, absenteeism and presenteeism. Above all, it also progresses the productivity and commitment of your employees.

Teamii helps you on a daily basis to implement a Quality of Work Life policy in your company. We give a voice to your employees so that you can find solutions adapted to their needs and challenges.

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QWL benefits

Quality of Work Life puts people back at the heart of an organisation's strategy. QWL is a new lever for performance and sustainable competitiveness. It transforms the employee experience and brings many benefits to companies.

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