QWL: A performance lever


In recent years, many companies have grasped the opportunities presented by QWL. They have wanted to offer their employees working environments in which well-being is the norm. QWL is defined by the American Society of Training and Development as:

“A process of work organisations which enable its members at all levels to actively; participate in shaping the organisations environment, methods and outcomes. This value based process is aimed towards meeting the twin goals of enhanced effectiveness of organisations and improved quality of life at work for employees”.

Companies that have chosen to put people at the heart of their strategy find that this is a powerful performancelever for employee engagement and innovation. The more an environment of “well-being” is created, based on dialogue, listening, respect and trust, the more loyal employees are and the more they defend their company.

They become ambassadors for their organisation. Research shows that providing a ‘’well-being working environment’’ is linked to improved employee productivity and dedication.

This is the case at Boiron. As Christine PLACE, Human Resources Manager at Boiron, explains when questioned by DIRECCTE (Direction Régionale des Entreprises, de la Concurrence, de la Consommation, du Travail et de l’Emploi):

Without people development, there is no efficiency. There is indeed a logical link between Fulfilment – Creativity – Innovation.

Quality of work life appears to be essential to businesses performance and sustainable development. It is by finding and understanding their place in the organisation that individuals will discover their best source of motivation.


What are QWL benefits?


Today’s businesses need to transform themselves to improve their performance and last over time.  This transformation requires first and foremost a revolution in corporate culture and must include quality of work life at the heart of its strategy. People must be placed at the core of new strategies and processes.

This revolution in corporate culture allows organisations to transform themselves and develop 3 essential characteristics:

  • Agility: An agile company is able to adapt quickly to unexpected changes in its environment, while maintaining strategic, operational and human continuity.
  • Flexibility: A flexible company transforms its organisation and working methods to meet the challenges of the market and its employees.
  • Innovation: An innovative company seeks the best for both its employees and its customers.

The first benefit of QWL is therefore to reinvent the company of tomorrow to make it sustainable and efficient over the long run.

The solutions developed by Teamii have been designed to transform the employee experience in your company and bring you many benefits:

  1. Attractiveness: Develop your brand image through quality of work life and attract the best talents.
  2. Turnover: Retain your best talents by taking into account the feelings of your employees.
  3. Commitment: Involve your employees in your collective success by giving meaning to their work and caring for their well-being.
  4. Productivity: Boost your teams’ efficiency by taking into account their concerns and by setting up personalised action plans.
  5. Cohesion: Promote general fulfilment and team spirit by developing a pleasant and caring social atmosphere.
  6. Customer Satisfaction: Strengthen your competitiveness in the market with motivated, committed and innovative employees.
  7. Creativity: Boost your co-workers creativity and autonomy.
  8. Absenteeism: Fight absenteeism by taking into account your employees dissatisfactions.


Teamii is a universal approach acting for the performance and well-being of all. We are born from the vision of an agile, flexible and innovative company that cares for its employees. Improving quality work life by putting people back at the heart of the company’s strategy is at the heart of our commitment.

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