Sky pack: your first steps into QWL

Discover our Sky pack and carry out your first Quality of Work Life audit.

Discover QWL

Who is it for?

Small and medium-sized businesses

You want to make an initial assessment of the QWL in your company in order to evaluate the well-being and productivity of your employees!


How can you do it?

The HR department and your employees participate in interactive surveys:

  • 2 x 5 minutes for the employees
  • 30 minutes for HR


Why do we do it?

We collect and process all the qualitative and quantitative data from the audit in order to provide you with recommendations adapted to your needs to improve the well-being and productivity of your employees.

Remote work is a part of QWL, and there is so much more! These are your first steps into the world of QWL. 

Sky pack in details

To help you implement your QWL policy, we take the pulse of your company and your teams to identify the solutions best suited to your company using our Audit tool.

Complete audit

Discover our Quality of Life at Work Audit 2.0.

We collect the data relative to the QWL of your company through a HR questionnaire and an employee questionnaire.

Finally, we analyze the constraints and opportunities of your company through the 7 strategic dimensions of the QWL set up by Teamii.

Customized solutions

Benefit from personalized solutions adapted to your needs and stakes to propel the performances and the well-being of your collaborators.

Teamii accompanies you in your QWL approach to guide you throughout the process.

What is your audit made of?

Our approach enables us to map out the constraints and opportunities of your business in order to bring you personalised solutions.

Discover the quality of life at work through our 7 dimensions

QWL is an innovative concept comprised of multiple dimensions and indicators:

  1. DNA of your company
  2. Environment and conditions of work
  3. Organisation and content of work
  4. Health and absenteeism
  5. Relations at work
  6. Management
  7. Work life balance


The benefits for your company

Discovering the quality of life at work allows you to increase the productivity of your employees and to transform your corporate culture to make it shine.

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