Moon pack: a personalised QWL

Our moon pack allows you to enjoy a fully personalised quality of work life.

Improve employee engagement

For Whom?

QWL themes and programs are important to you and you wish to engage your co-workers more.

Would you like to take care of your employees and improve their performance, attract and retain talents? This offer is made for you!


Our Teamii platform allows you to take the pulse of your teams in real time through weekly or monthly monitoring surveys.


Our solution allows you to better understand your QWL and to set up action plans to be carried out over the long term.

Here we are talking about implementing initiatives and policies that will last over the long run, in order to extract all the benefits they have to offer. Improve the daily work life for all your employees, from their level of productivity, to their wellbeing, and their engagement.

Young creative business people at office

A football table and yoga lessons are great but QWL is a much more encompassing approach that should be studied and planned for. Engaging your workmates and tracking their quality of work life is key to improving their performance, and therefore your company’s performance.

Moon pack in details

Monitoring tool

Let your employees speak anonymously through our weekly or monthly questionnaires. Our interactive dashboards give you the keys to better understand the challenges of your teams and monitor their satisfaction and performance.

qwl follow up

Hobbies space

Propel your employee experience by transforming your company culture with the help of the Hobby Space. Your employees share their passions with others. This strengthens social cohesion within the company. Your teams reduce their anxiety by engaging in regular activity.

hobbies platform

Suggestion boxes

Give your employees the opportunity to be actors of their quality of work life at and in the company’s development. Our suggestion boxes offer them the possibility to propose QWL ideas, innovative projects and company projects.

suggestion boxes


Simplify the transmission of information within your company through our events calendar, which can be exported directly to your mailbox. You can also access a calendar specially designed for remote work.


Ethics hotline

Make the safety of your employees a priority. Our ethics hotline allows you to report harassment and unethical behaviour anonymously and/or confidentially.

ethics hotline

The benefits of our approach

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