Moon pack: a personalised QWL

Discover our Moon pack and benefit from personalised solutions for your business.

For Whom?

Companies between 10-400 employees.

QWL themes and programs are important to you and you wish to engage your co-workers more.

Would you like to take care of your employees and improve their performance, attract and retain talents? This offer is made for you!



We undertake a full audit of your QWL that will enable us to establish the main focus of development.

We created an app, the Teamii platform, which encompasses multiple functionalities to address the QWL issues you are tackling. Its main feature is the weekly QWL survey that provides you with real time data over the wellbeing of your teams and the ability to address it quickly.



Analyse, diagnose, recommend, implement.

With a complete approach that goes from auditing to understand your challenges and opportunities, to providing you with tangible solutions to guide your QWL process, you will learn every detail of your QWL and how to make the best of it. Here we are talking about implementing initiatives and policies that will last over the long run, in order to extract all the benefits they have to offer. The combination of our two phases will improve the daily work life for all your employees, from their level of productivity, to their wellbeing, and their commitment.

QWL Action plan

A football table and yoga lessons are great but QWL is a much more encompassing approach that should be studied and planned for. Engaging your workmates and tracking their quality of work life is key to improving their performance, and therefore your company’s performance

Moon pack in details

All-encompassing Audit

Discover the Hapii method to carry out an exhaustive audit of the quality of work life in your company. We analyse the constraints and opportunities or your business through our 7 QWL strategic dimensions.

Personalised Recommendations

Benefit from personalised recommendations suited to your needs and challenges in order to boost the performances and wellbeing of your coworkers. Teamii is at your side throughout your QWL journey to guide and assist you.

The Teamii Platform

Take full advantage of all the functionalities of the Teamii platform, from our QWL weekly surveys, to our hobbies platform, and our ethical line. Track your teams’ wellbeing to better address their challenges. Engage, individually and collectively, your teams with the help of our functionalities to boost their cohesion and performances.

What is the Teamii platform?

It is an app. It is comprised of multiple functionalities:

  • Weekly QWL survey
  • Company and team events calendar
  • Hobbies platform
  • Suggestion and project box
  • Ethic alerts hotline

It was conceived to assist employees as well as managers, HR and directors; whom all have the same functionalities but a different dashboard.

Engage your workmates through functionalities developed for that purpose. Track their wellbeing in real time to improve their individual and collective performance, as well as team spirit and sense of belonging.

Focus: Weekly QWL Survey

Every week, we give every employee a voice and the opportunity to express themselves, in all liberty and without fear of backlash.

5 fun and simple questions pop up every week. They were created to assess all 7 dimensions of QWL every month:

  1. DNA of your company
  2. Environment and conditions of work
  3. Organisation and content of work
  4. Health and absenteeism
  5. Relations at work
  6. Management
  7. Work life balance

The results of the weekly QWL survey are supplementary to those of the audit performed in the previous phase. They are presented by dimensions and indicators to enable you to directly target initiatives and policies to implement, both at your team and company level.


The benefits of our approach

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