Mars pack: a customised approach

Discover our Mars pack and take full advantage of our tailored solutions for your business.

A customised QWL

Who is it for?

Taking care of your employees and improving their productivity, attracting new talent and retaining them to avoid turnover are priorities for you.

Would you like to set up a QWL plan dedicated to your company with a former international HRD for CAC 40 groups and an expert in professional engagement? This offer is made for you.

How do we do it?

We carry out a customied audit of your QWL in order to establish a state of affairs to start from.

Bernard Coulaty, HRD for more than 30 years and specialist in employee engagement, conducts manager interviews within your company.

Our Teamii platform allows you to take the pulse of your teams in real time through weekly or monthly monitoring surveys.

Why do we do this?

Our solutions allow you to better understand your QWL and level of employee engagement in order to set up action plans to be carried out on the long term.

Improve daily life and well-being of your employees while boosting their productivity and performance of your company.

Remote work, after works, one Friday off of a month; is that QWL? Accompanying remote work and finding the optimal solutions tailored to your specificities is what we offer you at Teamii!

Mars pack in details

360° Audit

Using an HR QWL questionnaire, an employee QWL questionnaire and manager interviews on professional engagement, we collect quality of work life data for your company.

Solutions and training

Our diagnostic of quality of work life in your company, as well as employee engagement, allows us to establish solutions and training/transformation plans tailored to your needs.

Teamii QWL platform

The teamii QWL platform allows you to adapt your decisions and action plans in real time. You measure the evolution of the feelings of your employees through our 7 strategic dimensions. Encourage your teams’ long term individual and collective engagement to gain in productivity.


HRD for more than 30 years in France, Europe and Asia for CAC 40 groups with a global dimension, our partner and expert Bernard Coulaty will accompany you throughout the process of developing your policy of professional engagement and quality of work life.

A continuous analysis

The Audit 2.0 and the QWL platform of Teamii brings you  real time diagnostics of your company’s quality of work life and employee engagement. Optimise employee experience and engage your teams over time.

A tailor-made support

Bernard Coulaty, expert in professional engagement, helps you to sustain employee engagement over the long term. Through manager interviews and workshops, you will boost your company’s performance.

Why we rock?

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