We have created this page to help you, the Teamii user.

Whether you are a new user or a manager, you will find all the answers to your questions.

For this purpose, we detail each tool of the platform!


On the homepage, we find the Quality of Work Life (QWL) score of the company over the last evaluation period.

The 3 scores that are displayed correspond to the evolution of the indicators in the company’s score.

You will also find all the essential elements for your daily work life on the platform; hobbies, agenda, suggestion box, …



The results of the evolution of your quality of working life can be found in the dashboard part of the platform. You can compare your results with those of the company (overall company results) by QWL indicators.

The different types of accounts

There are 3 types of accounts: Employee, Manager, HR. Depending on your level, you have access to different analyses.


Employee: Your account gives you access to your results and those of the company by indicators. You can compare your evolution with that of the company.


Manager: Your account gives you access to an employee account and a manager account. On the latter, you can analyse your team’s results by indicators but also by measures (by clicking on the “details” button) to obtain a more in-depht diagnosis. The results of your team are anonymous.


Human Resources: Your account gives you access to an employee account and a Human Resources account. On this last one, you can analyse the company’s overall results by QWL indicators and by measures (by clicking on the “details” button) to obtain a more in-depht diagnosis.

Employee view

Manager view 

HR view 


The Ethics Hotline allows you to alert the Human Resources Department (HRD) and the ethics officer of your company of unethical behavior within your company. There are 3 different levels of reporting in accordance with the Sapin II law which aims to protect whistleblowers. To access them, you will have to click on the “Alert” button.

Level 1: You report an unethical act anonymously to the HRD and to the ethics officer.

Level 2: You report an unethical act by directly reporting a person to the HRD and to the ethics officer. This report is not anonymous but confidential. Your identity cannot be revealed.

Level 3: You request an emergency meeting with the HRD and the ethics officer. This request for appointment is confidential and your identity cannot be revealed.


Access the Hobbies platform by clicking on “Hobbies”.

You will then be able to view all the hobbies you have already joined as well as all the hobby groups that exist in your company.

Create a group

We also give you the possibility to create your own hobby group, share your passions!

In order to create a new hobby group, click on the orange button in the upper right corner “Add a hobby”.

Select co-administrators if you want more than one person to manage the group.

Finally, invite members who might be interested to join the group.

Joining a group

To join a group, simply find the group you want to join in the other hobbies tab and click on “Join the group”.

Join an event

In order to join an event, you have 2 possibilities

Join through the calendar by clicking directly on the event you want to join.

Join following the email that will be sent to you to inform you that a new event has been added!

Delete a group

As administrator you have the possibility to delete the group of which you are the administrator.





We offer you to be able to visualise all the events that pertain you. You will be able to see the events concerning your hobby groups and company events in which you are participating!

This agenda is also exportable to most messaging systems. To do so, simply click on the “Event” and select where you want to export it to.

Suggestion box


We offer 2 suggestion boxes:

  • QWL Ideas

Suggest your ideas in time periods defined with your managers to improve your daily work life. Once the period of submission of ideas is over, they will be submitted to a vote. Finally, you will see the ideas that have retained the most votes!

  • Innovative projects

Submit your ideas directly to your management without fear of judgment!


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