The Hapii method

What is the Hapii method? In a few words: audit, consulting, decision-making

The Hapii method

The Hapii method is a full audit of your company’s quality of work life and personalised recommendations of initiatives suited to your needs and challenges.

Gather data through our surveys

We use both a qualitative and quantitative approach to collect data. Human Resources department and employees answer/respond to a short, interactive and insightful survey. We discuss with you the domains and themes to prioritise in order to maximise the outcome of the assessment.


Analyse your QWL

We analyse your company’s opportunities and constraints through a full audit of your coworkers’ QWL. We have established 7 QWL dimensions, which we diagnose separately and together in order to clearly identify clear indicators.


Boost with personalised solutions

We prioritise and tailor our recommendations to your company’s specificities. We provide you with insights between real and perceived QWL. Our team commit at your side to making your process durable and to assist you in communicating with your workforce.

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Our unique questionnaires

They analyse and measure your company’s QWL opportunities and constraints using an approach combining quantitative and qualitative data. Questionnaires are sent to the HRD and employees by mail.

HR questionnaire

  • 1 questionnaire
  • Quantitative analysis
  • 7 QWL dimensions
  • Confidential


Employee questionnaire

  • 1 questionnaire by employee
  • Qualitative analysis
  • 7 QWL dimensions
  • Anonymous and confidential

The Hapii report

Your complete QWL audit

We produce an exhaustive report of your QWL in order to identify the most suited solutions to improve your co-workers’ wellbeing and productivity.

We evaluate:

  • 7 QWL dimension
  • 35 indicators
  • +200 measures


We present you a detailed analysis covering both overall characteristics and each dimension. Our recommendations of projects and policies to implement is categorised by dimensions and prioritised according to your needs and challenges.


The Hapii report enables you to identify your effective strengths and weaknesses and provides you with the consulting you need to propel the performance of all your teams.

Go to the next level

Your first QWL steps

The Hapii method is your walking stick during your first quality of work life steps. Through a complete audit of our 7 strategic QWL dimensions you will have a clear mapping of your strengths and weaknesses. Discover our personalised recommendations of solutions for each dimension.

The benefits of Hapii

The advantages of QWL are numerous. With the help of the Hapii method, you will have all the necessary information and diagnostics to implement a quality of work life action plan. We are here to guide you by presenting prioritising our solutions recommendations. You will have all the components to create and implement a successful action plan to improve the commitment and productivity of your colleagues, over the long run.

Go further

Keep up the good work! Deploy a durable quality of work life with the Teamii platform. Transform your employee experience with tools to boost the individual and collective performances of your teams.

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